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About us

Somewhere in our memory, there is an essential world of banisters and stairs. They used to be a kind of wooden track that took us into the attics. Balconies with wooden crosspieces used to protect our children from falling into an empty space.

According to those memories and our experience, we have thought about you in creating a new way of understanding our work, a common ground between tradition and the modern world. In Industria de la Madera Pesquer, we combine the care and personalization of crafting methods with new technologies and designing solutions

Thus, our work is based on the manufacture of wooden stairs and banisters, without overlooking the latest trends of this field, which lead us to combine wood with new materials: stainless steel, wrought iron, glass, etc.

Our work is carried out following the indications of architects, builders and interior designers, but is also aimed at demanding individuals who want special attention.

In Industria de la Madera Pesquer, we offer you a world of solutions for any kind of space, from the simplest proposals to the most complex technical details, in order to create the comfortable, aesthetic and safe environment that you desire.

Our history

From Industria de la Madera Pesquer, we continue to reinvent ourselves as we did on the first day, offering our knowledge and know-how to society in the form of wood


Jose Pesquer Lanau creates a business with his father dedicated to the manufacture of turnery and auxiliary parts for furniture.


New location in the Industrial Park Valle del Cinca located in Barbastro (Huesca) and creation of the company Industria de la Madera Pesquer SL


Specialization in the manual manufacture of wooden stairs and railings that can be combined with iron, glass, stainless steel and other materials.


Maximum expansion at the productive and economic level of the company, a CNC workstation is acquired and automatic and handcrafted production methodologies are combined.


The need arises to find alternative markets, mainly those within the EU, for the manufacture of wood products and then their online sale. Beginning of the Tiendamadera project, our digital business.

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Pesquer woodworking industry

Our main business is dedicated to the manufacture of wooden structures, mainly stairs, railings and wooden cladding. The production is tailor-made (on request), aimed at both the professional and general public.

Our clients

Normally for both types of client need their order to be installed, but sometimes-professional carpenters or fitters prefer to do without this service. We can assemble throughout a large part of Spain, Andorra and the south of France.

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